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What a week. We didn’t think anyone would beat Charlie Sheen in full ‘warlock’ mode but then along came Kanye West. In hindsight, he’s been on a slow burn for  a while now – Kardashians, Grammys, Taylor Swift… And finally the Mac Daddy of them all – asking Mark Zuckerberg to bail him out. It was epic!

Virgin Airlines, caught the zeitgeist of the moment when, via Twitter, they told Kanye to “EAD” (Eat a d*ck), but then asked us to believe it was a ‘hack’. Such wimps. But perhaps the truly weirdest part is that, since his public prostration, he’s apparently been inundated by ‘billionaires and hedge fund guys’. Mind you, maybe we should perhaps thank Kanye for at least taking our minds off ‘the Donald’…
To return to the real world, the big media news was being created by the developing stoush between FBI and Apple. If you hadn’t heard, a US district court has applied a 220 year old law called the All Writs Act of 1789 to order Apple to develop software that will enable it to break the encryption on its iPhone 5C. Apple’s Tim Cook has described the tool as “too dangerous to create“… Its all a bit scary really.

In travel news, this May we’re heading to New Orleans to attend Digiday’s Programmatic Summit. The programme is pretty impressive and they’ve got some great speakers lined up. We will be blogging from the event.

Back in 2015, four of the world’s publishing heavyweights – the Guardian, CNN International, the Financial Times and Reuters (The Economist is also in there) – established the Pangaea Alliance. For the geeks among you, ‘Pangaea’ was the name given to the super-continent that existed pre-dinosaurs. Returning to the present, the grand objective of the Pangaea Alliance was to “offer advertisers the ability to access inventory across the group of premium publishers via the Rubicon Project technology platform.” (SSP technology).

We encourage you to watch this Digiday series of videos. No.7 in the series talks about the Pangea Alliance mentioned above:

Is it working? Clearly, for some, but there are two interesting things to note here:

  • Late last year, NZ got their own Pangaea Alliance: KPEX (Kiwi Publisher Exchange). And like Pangaea it comprises four leading publishers – Fairfax Media, MediaWorks, NZME and TVNZ.
  • Its ‘consulting CEO’ is Duncan Arthur who was instrumental in putting together and launching the Pangaea Alliance setup.

What isn’t being publicised is all of a sudden, it is a lot easier for brands direct, through their eventual internal trading desk (that, by the way, is where we help brands and marketers) to access an exchange of premium, brand safe inventory from the top publishers world wide.

In other news from the world of ‘interesting stuff about data you probably didn’t know’, this article provides a useful overview of the way in which quite limited data can be sliced and diced to reveal useful insights into consumer behaviour, or put another way: “It may not seem obvious that a shopping basket contains diapers and beer until you understand that Mom sent Dad out to the store to pick up some Huggies and he took the opportunity to grab a cold six-pack of Bud Light.”

Until next time, cheers from the team at REAL Programmatic…

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