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We wish to acknowledge the brilliance of Tom Fishburne in capturing the essence of programmatic in this cartoon.


What a week it was for that perennial also-ran and firm crowd favourite, Leo deCaprio. Finally. We now know what was eating Gilbert Grape: No Oscar. And we can still celebrate the breaking of the five year drought even though his triumph was somewhat overshadowed by the fact that he was competing in an all-white field; Not a Jesse Owen in sight….

It’s been a pretty hectic week for the REAL Programmatic team with a couple of trips over to New Zealand, and back, and some big projects looming on the horizon.

We have managed to find time for some reading though, and present here some tasty morsels for your consideration.

First, while our primary consideration is always to ferret out articles on topics of interest to those of us working in the programmatic field, we’re not above including articles that confirm the depth of thinking and foresight contained in our first White Paper: Programmatic Media: The State of the Nation.

In this article entitled ‘Programmatic: Its More Than Technology’, Nick Illobre echoed our own thoughts about the subject when we urged our readers to consider ‘programmatic’ as a process, not a thing. We can but nod our heads sagely when he states, with some conviction, that “all definitions of programmatic must include not only the technology layer, but the service and application of these tools to create solutions.” Well said, that man.

Another subject that is close to our hearts is the continuing opacity within the programmatic ecosystem, or put another way: “The cloak and dagger approach currently surrounding DSPs is unsustainable and unacceptable.” Hear, hear Jason Dooris who, in this article on went on to pull no punches when he wrote: “Agencies need to be more open and honest with clients.”

Where do you think your career is headed? Why todays CMO’s are well placed to be the CEO’s of tomorrow is the subject of this article by  Kirsten Newbold-Knipp. In essence, her rationale is that with the critical importance that deep data is playing in driving an improved customer experience, marketers are drilling deeper and wider into the various parts of their businesses.

And finally we thought this article on Adexchanger was interesting from the point of view of showing how deeper data analysis is changing the face of healthcare in the US.

Until next time, cheers from the team at REAL Programmatic…

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