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We can’t seem to take our eyes off the slow motion trainwreck that is the Republican primaries. With the Trump Express continuing to transform the phrase ‘Republican sensibilities’ into an oxymoron, we can only trust that the American system, with all its checks and balances, will somehow save us all from ‘the Donald’.

And Super Tuesday saw Mrs Clinton continue her almost inevitable run into the Democratic nomination. Mind you, it has cost her nearly $100m out of her total $188m war chest ($130m of which is ‘candidate raised’).

It is perhaps interesting that, of the nearly $1 billion raised by all the candidate campaigns, Clinton accounts for nearly 20 percent of the total, with Ted Cruz (Republican) coming in second with just over $100 million raised. And squillionaire Donald Trump? His campaign has raised over $27 million in total, with $25 million of that coming from the man himself. Symptomatic, one might venture, of the type of person Trump is appealing to…

And before we get too down on our American friends for letting the circus continue this long, let’s not forget that its not too long ago that Australia was coping with its homegrown ‘Abbotyvillle Horror’ and New Zealand was being asked to elect as Prime Minister its own version of Alan Greenspan, in the form of a bible-bashing ex-Reserve Bank Governor…! We can only comment that democracies can be unpredictable but, over time have a way of ridding themselves of the genuine nutters before they can do too much damage.

Meanwhile, we have been pretty busy at REAL Programmatic HQ. As a result of a recent Programatic Audit conducted for a client, we were able to inform them that they were paying over 20 times the industry average for some of their programmatic buys. While it probably wasn’t what they wanted to hear, it will enable them to achieve greater efficiencies going forward.

As if the programmatic landscape wasn’t complicated enough, according to digital research firm eMarketer, U.S. mobile programmatic ad spending will reach $9.33 billion this year and account for 60.5 percent of total U.S. programmatic display ad spending. This article with the Joe Prusz, SVP & head of mobile, Rubicon Project is well worth a read.

Ad-blocking “is predicted to cause a $41.4 billion economic problem in 2016” and may be eliminating up to half of the critical 18-24 youth audience from the reach of digital advertisers. According to Vizeum UK’s innovation director James Schad, “education is key for the value proposition of seeing ads in order to get content for free.” Read the article here.

Fox is going programmatic! (Actually, NBC made a similar announcement last month) The network is introducing new Data Capabilities, and through  its “Target Audience Guarantee product, Fox will allow marketers to transact on what its calling a tCPM, or targeted cost per thousand.”

In what we’re calling the ‘Yankee Google Barbarian Beat Up’ between German publishers and Google, “the ruling in the latest skirmish came down in favour of the tech giant.” With Google revenues in the German Republic running at around £3-4 billion it’s a fight of epic proportions and all comes down to “Leistungsschutzrecht.” Yep, we knew that, but you can read all about it here.

See you on the flip side…

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