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Welcome to our inaugural edition of REAL’s Friday Fry-Up! We know its only Wednesday, but we really wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year and we know that there is absolutely no chance of anyone seriously reading this on Christmas Day.


So, for this time only, the Friday Fry-Up comes to you mid-week…

Why Friday Fry-Up? we hear you ask. Well, deep in the bowels of REAL HQ we were having a discussion about what else we could do to unpack the ‘black box’ that is programmatic media. By now we can only hope that most of you have downloaded our White Paper, Programmatic Media: State of the Nation, our no-holds barred review of the programmatic ecosystem.

If you haven’t, may we (not so) humbly suggest that you click here to get a copy – it really should be essential summer reading for the marketer looking for an edge. If you simply don’t have the patience to read all 36 pages of our collective wisdom then may we suggest that you get a hold of the latest copy of B&T magazine, which devoted seven pages to our Paper.

But back to that discussion. ‘How about we review news and developments that have happened over the past week?’ someone suggested. Everyone likes to keep up with the news, but not everyone has the time to sift through the dross looking for the gold. ‘We could do it for them’, someone else suggested.

Hence we have decided to call this collection of interesting articles and insights the ‘Friday Fry-Up’. Our objective is simple: clean out the fridge before the weekend, and help the busy marketer find the stuff we think is worth a read, and maybe deliver a few bouquets and brickbats along the way.

First, though, a bit of news about what we’ve been up to. We recently travelled to the US to meet with a number of companies leading the pack in the programmatic space. We think it’s important that we meet with these companies, who are leaders in their respective fields, talk to them about what they’re doing in programmatic and get a feel for how they work.

A particular highlight from this trip was meeting the guys at Krux. Forrester Research recently put Krux in their top three DMPs so we gladly accepted an invitation from them to attend a rooftop party at their new digs in LA. We definitely like what Krux are doing. They have a great attitude and approach to everything they do.

We have no problem in adding Krux to our fairly exclusive list of preferred suppliers, with the important caveat that, ultimately, our recommendations to clients are driven by their needs, and these will differ on a case-by-case basis.

So what have been reading and what do we think you, our reader, might enjoy reading?

Here you go…

Digiday’s Ricardo Bilton gave us an interesting piece about the impact Header Bidding is having on the industry. Forcing the hand of one of the giants of media, Google, as they launch their header bidding comparative product “DFP First Look”. Ricardo points out in his piece that this is a defensive move by Google and goes on to further explain that most probably, only publishers heavily entrenched within Google’s tech stack already will be keen to give this a shot. Ricardo also goes on to say that this isn’t a true competitor of Header Bidding and is perhaps a half measure, built out of fear?

Haven’t heard of Header Bidding? Here’s a nice summation by the same journalist at Digiday – WTF is Header Bidding

NFL Ready To Accept New Bids For Thursday Night Package, Including Streaming Companies

It seems the American NFL are looking to broaden their reach by offering its packages to streaming companies rather than simply offering exclusive packages to broadcast television. Is this something our very own NRL could be looking at with its product? Check out the article here.

Digitally Disrupting The Habitual Shopping Routine

Can technology allow brands to create engaging and personalized experiences to disrupt habitual shopping routines? Nielsen reckons digital media offers some hope. Read the article here.

Thinking about going the in-house agency route?

Check out this article that takes a look at the explosion of in-house agencies and what marketers considering going down this route should look out for. We particularly like this because we believe that this is the right move for the industry. It makes sense for a lot of brands to control their marketing and this further paves the way for the ability to effectively build an in house technology stack that brings together many of the currently disjointed pieces of technology already in use.


At this point with Christmas nearly upon us we’re going to take a couple of weeks off, but we’ll be back in the New Year, ready to roar. We wish you all a great holiday season and look forward to bringing you more news and views, on a Friday next time…

Merry Christmas from the REAL Programmatic team

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