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Vendor Selection

Vendor Selection

REAL has expertise in running RFP processes for advertising technology platforms. We will ensure that requirements and use cases are aligned with the evaluation criteria and that an appropriate evaluation guide and scoring matrix is developed to score individual vendor responses to specific key performance categories.

Key activities that have been identified as being of critical importance are:

RFP Documentation

Creation of RFP briefing and RFP documentation to be sent to select Vendors.

Vendor Assessments

Review of vendors in market, and their suitability for participation in the proposal process; alongside assessment of responses and coordination of presentations.

Evaluation Criteria

REAL has experience in developing bespoke evaluation criteria, taking into account the key requirements of your business, in order to assist in the process of determining the most suitable vendors.

REAL has specific expertise in assessing programmatic technology requirements, and then being in a position to provide recommendations concerning a comprehensive and effective technology stack.