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Client reference: “ Thanks JD and the REAL team! Our knowledge has exponentially grown even after a days training we’ve been able to fast track decisions because our team has a better grasp of programmatic. Invaluable! — Brendon Skipper, CEO, ”.

Course Description

REAL’s practical training is delivered in person by our own programmatic expert Jonathan Despinidic (JD). We look at the current state of the market, trading across all screens, brands safety, how to leverage data and how to monetise it.

You’ll learn how programmatic buying works and where it fits in the current digital media buying process. What opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses are being faced in the industry. Also the various types of ad exchanges buyers and sellers can access including display, mobile, video and social media.

Topics include:

  • An Introduction to Ad:Tech
  • Digital Media 101
  • Do I Need a DMP – An exploration of the use of Data in Marketing
  • Programmatic 101
  • Programmatic – Buy Side
  • Programmatic – Sell Side
  • Neuro science in Marketing

Advanced training will provide you with an understanding of the in-depth working knowledge of the key technologies that make up today’s programmatic ad stack across display, mobile, video, social media, email marketing and native advertising.

Advanced training defines programmatic trading mechanics, methods and tools for the buying side of the process and also supply side, publishers and advertisers plus data.

Please note: If desired – live demonstrations from vendors within the ad tech stack as well as a leading buyer of programmatic media can answer questions.

Topics include:

  • Programmatic 101 Recap
  • Sales Organizations – Today and Tomorrow
  • Buyer Landscape – Today and Tomorrow
  • Understanding Your Tech Stack
  • SSP Vendor Demonstration
  • DSP Vendor Demonstration
  • Rise of Programmatic Guaranteed
  • Channels: Mobile, Video, Social, Email, Native
  • Guest Interview: Programmatic Buyer