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Technology Stack

Technology Stack

A comprehensive and effective technology stack

REAL has specific expertise in assessing programmatic technology requirements, and then being in a position to provide recommendations concerning a comprehensive and effective technology stack.

Next to Human Resources, selecting the right technology is the most important step in setting up a hybrid or in-house programmatic trading solution. All pieces of technology selected must integrate where appropriate and required in order to deliver the desired outcomes. All technology contracts and relationships should be owned by the client.

REAL will assess current technology requirements and vendors to assist in building a flexible yet robust technology stack for a hybrid or in-house programmatic trading solution including (in no particular order):

  • Demand Side Platform (DSP)
  • Data Management Platform (DMP)
  • Tag Management Solution (TMS)
  • AdServer
  • Fraud detection and Brand Safety
  • Conversion and Customer Attribution
  • Data Visualisation
  • Social Media Integration

Demand Side Platform (DSP)
A Demand Side Platform is an interface used to bid on digital inventory real time. Bidding algorithms, security on data and integration with other platforms is important when selecting a DSP.

Data Management Platform (DMP)
Data is paramount in effective marketing and a key focal point of building a technology stack for your programmatic media trading strategy.

Tag Management Solution (TMS)
Security is at the forefront of your selecting a Tag Management Solution. Protecting your data from 3rd party technologies within the digital and programmatic media landscape is paramount. Easy integration with your Data Management Platform and CRM are the key attributes sought after in the selection process.

Ad Server
Ad Servers play a key role in effective tracking and reporting. We provide a comprehensive assessment on Ad Server requirements and capabilities.

Fraud detection & Brand Safety
Fraud Detection and Brand safety is as much about technology as it is process and guidelines. REAL will include this within training and process and guideline documentation. It is suggested that a technology solution is employed in order to tackle the growing threat of fraudulent inventory within the programmatic media trading environment.

Conversion & Customer Attribution
We believe attribution is one of the most important pieces in the marketing puzzle. Consideration should be given to integration with the other pieces of technology within the programmatic media trading stack.

Data Visualisation
Data Visualisation is important to give you a global view on the effectiveness of your programmatic media trading strategy and operations. There are a number of pieces of media specific technologies in the market that are set up to easily integrate both with existing programmatic and traditional digital media technologies as well as custom API integrations.

Social Media Integration
Relationships with specific social media channels and their closed environments (walled gardens) should be taken into consideration. Some channels and their technologies allow for third party data integration directly and/or through third party technologies.