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Inventory Monetisation

Inventory Monetisation

“The biggest challenges in maximising yield and monetising inventory for publishers are both a lack of in-house expertise and time constraints – Jonathan Despinidic, Co-founder, REAL Programmatic”

REAL has developed and maintained the strong view that there is greater value to be found in bottom line revenue in undertaking the task of monetising digital inventory ‘in-house’.

Full attention should be given to ‘in-housing’ inventory monetisation from a sales and operations stand point, publishers stand to continue to grow revenues in this increasingly complex and evolving digital media environment.

REAL produces a comprehensive project plan. Project plans for monetisation of digital assets include a Blueprint Recommendations, Implementation Support and Ongoing Training.

  1. Investment required across all sectors (dollars) – Vendors, Data and People will tie into this
  2. P&L Forecasting Assistance for 1,2,3 years based on past budget and spending
  1. Vendor analysis and selection process (RFI/RFP) which can include Ad Server, SSP, DMP.
  1. Data Identification
  2. Data on-boarding
  3. Data Management Guidelines and Procedures
  1. Human resources internal or external required
  2. Profile of staff required
  3. Hiring process including programmatic aptitude testing

Once REAL has completed all of the phases up until the point, it may suit your organisation to implement the strategies and blueprint recommendations yourself with advisory guidance from REAL. You have the power and controls, we are just there to guide you and answer any questions you may have.


Let’s do this together. Clear responsibilities will be outlined for both parties and executed with REAL working alongside you and your team.

Fully Managed

REAL has the expertise and the operational fire power to implement all agreed strategies and blueprint recommendations. From tender and negotiation with vendors and hiring staff to an audit and handover processes.