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DMP Suitability Assessment

Report Methodology

The Report will comprise of four broad sections.

Those four sections will explore:

1. The ‘What’:

a. Data Management Platforms (DMPs), what they are, and what they do.
b. Succinct examples of how other brands are utilising Data Management Platforms to drive efficiencies in their programmatic activity.
c. Data Collection Strategies: i.e. What data can be collected from current media practices?
d. What additional data could/should be captured?

2. The ‘Why’:

a. Data Application: i.e. What can that data be used for, and why it is useful.
b. Ways in which the client can utilise a DMP in the future.

3. The ‘How’:

a. Processes that Sanitarium can implement in order to capture additional, meaningful data from its current processes and practices.
b. A full cost analysis pertaining to the licensing and using of a Data Management Platform.
c. The ongoing costs of utilising a Data Management Platform (scenario-based).

4. The Recommendation:

a. Final recommendation will provide the appropriate options based on clients data, feedback and future plans.