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Ad Operations

Ad Operations

Aim at the forefront of advanced and efficient in-house Ad Operations

REAL provides publishers with the requisite knowledge and insights needed to make informed decisions going forward, we feel the best approach is one that aims at the forefront of advanced and efficient in-house Ad Operations. From our experience the best results will be achieved via a client-specific, structured approach.

Some of the Ad Operations areas we can assist with are:

  • Scoping & Project Planning
  • Project Advisory Team Establishment
  • Ad Server Implementation & Testing
  • Initial Campaigns Assessment & Setup
  • Ad Server Process Guidelines Documentation
  • Ad Server Training
  • Ad Server Cross Over & Go Live
  • Campaigns Setup & Monitoring / Reporting
  • Remnant Inventory Solution Planning & Implementation
  • Ad Ops Recruitment Initial Candidate Assessment
  • Ad Ops Recruitment Process
  • Insertion Order Advertising Terms & Conditions
  • Website Advertising Terms & Conditions
  • Rate Card Assessment & Market Alignment
  • Inventory Viewability & Validation
  • DMP Suitability Assessment
  • DMP RFP Preparation & Briefing
  • DMP RFP Assessment
  • DMP Contract Negotiation & Sign Off
  • DMP Process Guidelines
  • DMP Implementation
  • Business Intelligence & Data Visualisation

Our working philosophy is based on collaboration and partnership. Our commitment is to be honest and up-front in all our communications…