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There were a couple of red faces in the REAL Programmatic HQ at the beginning of this week. Yes, indeed we do need to offer an apology for sending out the same Friday Fry-Up two weeks in a row. Let’s say something went wrong with our marketing automation software. Ironic. We know, but it sounds a lot better than ‘pilot error’… Following from this, we have decided to rename this the Weekly Fry-Up, so as to not confine Ourselves to getting this out every friday, when half of the industry is out lunching and boozing up.

The holiday period is well and truly over for most of us, although not for those readers across Asia counting down to the Lunar New Year. On Monday 8th we welcome the Year of the Monkey. Famous ‘Monkeys’ include Julius Caesar, Lord Bryon, Leonardo da Vinci…. and Miley Cyrus.

According to the Telegraph the Year of the Monkey is also believed to be one of the most unlucky years in the Chinese calendar, which makes us wonder what sign Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayers was born under, because all omens point to this being Her year of living dangerously. In fact, Chris O’Brien at Venture Beat has gone further and pronounced Her to be, well, doomed.

They’re also having a holiday on Monday over in New Zealand, to celebrate something called Waitangi Day. Its their national day, like Australia Day for New Zealanders. They have a quaint custom whereby, on this day only, they get to throw whatever they like at their leaders – mud, wet t-shirts, whatever apparently…

There have been some other big developments in the digital media and marketing industry and it’s not all bad…

ComScore and Rentrack announced last week that their shareholders had agreed to their  merger, creating a “leading Cross-Platform Measurement Company” and, according toBrian Steinberg at Variety, will give Nieisen a run for its money. However, in the same article it was noted that WPP, the advertising conglomerate, is also a shareholder in the newly merged company, which may lead some to question the impartiality of its research product. Once again  tangled media ownership structures make it hard to work out who has an interest in what and who benefits….

IBM has continued on its acquisitive streak, with it’s third agency acquisition in a week and a stack of technological stack (see what we did there… tech… stack… tech stack).

There was an interesting article with some useful tips on how to break down silos on the Forbes site. We’re big on silo-bashing at the moment, and think it’s probably the fastest way to dramatically improve programmatic efficiency within an organisation – but also one of the more difficult things to achieve. It’s always harder when you’re battling your own!

A clever little article here on how agencies and clients can save their marriages. Our CEOAndrew Norris has some ideas too, but without getting too Sex in the City on it, we think whether you’re clients, agencies or two beautiful people finding your way, it all comes down to one thing: honesty!

Here at REAL Programmatic we feel your pain and that’s why, for this week, we’ve decided to offer free counselling to all those clients who just want someone to talk to about their troubles. We’re here to listen folks…!